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The Mighty Stephen Hawking

Yo, DJ Doomsday, give me one of them funky ass beats.
Oh yes, that's some funky shit.
I'm about ready to kick this motherfucker in.
You all ready for me to drop some science on your ass?
Check it.

I am the mighty Stephen Hawking,
I am dope like LSD,
I am fly I kick it old school,
I'll tell you that for free.
On the stage I rock the mic,
my science is so tight,
other rappers best step off,
I'm bad like Dolamite.

I'm from the streets you know it's true,
my homey's are all dead,
fuck with me you'll join them too,
I'll cap you in the head.
Don't make me get out of this chair,
I'll pop you like a zit,
you step to me as if you bad,
bitch please you ain't got shit.

I'm the mighty Steven Hawking,
The might mighty Steven Hawking,
I'm the mighty Steven Hawking,
Might might mighty Steven Hawking,

Ah yeah, Stephen Hawking is in full effect!
Check this shit out.

Bitch you think I'm bad,
I ain't even started yet,
I'll whack your whole damn crew,
and not even break a sweat.
My rep is fucking huge,
my dick's harder than concrete,
getting paid and laid,
gangsta player elite.

Dr. Dre can suck my dick,
that bitch got no PHD,
I lost count of mine,
I got stupid whack degrees.
Complex math it ain't no thing,
I'm mad dope crazy fly,
like Quantum formula,
I'll leave you asking why.


Ah yeah, that's some serious bad-ass, Wu-tang, Scooby gang,
funky-ass shit I be laying down on your ass!
Stephen Hawking is in the house and he be taking care of business.
Peace! I'm out of here!