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The Big Bizang

In there beginning there was nothing, not even time.
no planets, no stars, no hip-hop, no rhyme.
But then there was a bang like the sound of my GAT,
the universe began and the shit was phat.

The universe began as a singularity,
nobody knows what went on then, G.
For ten million, trillion, trillion, trillionths of a second,
the state of the universe could not be reckoned.

The fundamental forces were unified,
we've no theory to describe that, though I've tried.

Then the forces split and the universe was born,
it was hotter then a priest watching kiddie porn.

Protons, neutrons, and electrons came to pass,
as photons collided, changing energy to mass.
Three minutes go by, temps to cool one billion,
down from one hundred million, trillion, trillion.

This reduced heat allowed a new event:
the formation of heavier elements,
still it was millions of years 'fore the first star glowed.
If you're down with the bang, sing along, here we go!


It was the big pow, piz-ow,

bang-a-dang, biggity-diggity,

boom biggity-boom ka-boom the big bizang.

Hold on now, what about inflation?
That's a little tricky and could use some explanation.
Inflation, one could fairly state,
was the time when the universe expanded at a rate,

that was faster then the speed of light,

but that over-simplifies and it ain't quite right.

Still the for purposes here, it will have to do,

'cuz I ain't got the time to explain it to you.



The beginning of time, and the birth of all matter.
Say it took seven days, you're as mad as a hatter.
It was millions of years 'fore the first star glowed,

if your down with the bang sing along, here we go!


The big bizang.
The big bizang.
The big bizang.