Episode 3.08: For Stephen

Link: Episode 3.08: For Stephen

In this episode of MC Hawking's Podcore Nerdcast, Ken, Len, and Cassie talk about Stephen Hawking's passing and Ken's MC Hawking tribute song For Stephen, Winger's Seventeen, That free U2 album from a few years ago that still haunts Ken, and other things that grind his gears, Meterology vs. Meteoriticists (and Alie Ward's Ologies podcast, the Celtics (sports!), Dropping Science: At least a dozen black holes at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, quicksand, Book Nook: Rob Reid's After On: A Novel of Silicon Valley, Ken's Ultimate Insult Man meme, and other podcasts we might do! Ken guest-hosts Dino News! We play a game! (Spoiler alert: Len doesn't suck at this one.) Ken tells us about the film Annihilation! We talk about the olden days when Ken and Len worked in tech support! And we give some shouts-out! (I feel like that should be the proper plural of shout-out.)

Jame's Cocktail Corner: The Black Hole! 4 oz. Dekyper Root Beer Schnapps 2 oz. Kahlua 1 oz. Bacardi 151 1 oz. Francescano Natura Assisi Chocolate & Rum Cream Shake ingredients. Pour into shot glasses. Top with shaved chocolate for Soft Hair on Black Holes.

Check out friend-of-the-pod Brad Lajoie's new album, Enjoie the Music!

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