Episode 3.05: Big O's Myles Clason

MP3: Episode 3.05: Big O's Myles Clason

In this episode of MC Hawking's Podcore Nerdcast, Ken, Len, Cassie, and special guest Myles Clayson of Big O talk about "Hip Hop Punk Rock", the Beastie Boys, Irony at the NRA, and more about the film We Go On. We go off on a tangent about zombie movies and comedy horror! Nerds Need to Know: Baker's End, a radio show in which Dr. Who's Tom Baker plays himself as the resurrected King of the Cats, and solves mysteries. Len brings some Science News about a graphene-based sieve that can turn seawater into drinking water. We play a game! Big O talks about touring with MC Lars and Mega Ran, and the gang talks about the week we spent with Lars and Ash Wednesday in the Canary Islands. And Cassie brings us the latest in Dino News, in which researchers in Australia found the largest dinosaur footprint ever, at 5.6 feet long. (But we still don't know if dinosaurs quacked like a duck.) Ken talks about Bigfoot! Len talks about Jesse Dangerously's podcast. And we include one of Big O's songs at the end: All By Myself!

You can find Myles' stuff at IamBigO.com, Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram, and Twitter.

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