Episode 3.03: Eli Grove

MP3 File: Episode 3.03: Eli Grove

In this episode of MC Hawking's Podcore Nerdcast, Ken, Len, Cassie, Savannah, and special guest Eli Grove talk about Eli Grove's road to nerdcore (including his collaborations with rap legend Jesse Dangerously), how long we'll survive a zombie apocalypse, pterosaurs, Savannah's vocal tracks on the new MC Lars track "Huck Finn's On The Run" (available to his Patreon subscribers), Inside No. 9, and how the Pope has recently stated that the big bang and evolution are real (and compatible with Christian beliefs)! For Jame's Cocktail Corner, Len tells us how to make homemade Kahlúa! In our new feature #yoloandshit.com, we get a post-millennial's input dank memes and the Y2K problem from Savannah! Stay tuned at the end for a bonus track: DangerGrove's FMLLMAO!

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