Episode 3.01: int eighty from Dual Core

MP3: Episode 3.01: int eighty from Dual Core

In this episode of MC Hawking's Podcore Nerdcast, Ken, Len, Cassie and special guest int eighty from Dual Core talk about Alex Trebek, Mikal KHill, bit torrents, Faderaid, hacking into NASA, sports (huh?), Black Mirror, Nerds Need to Know: Style Wars, DJing, Nathan's Book Nook: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, Skyline Chili (in Cinncinati), Austin, TX, and Snow Crash! Stay tuned after the closing theme for Who Is Alex Trebek? by MC Frontalot, Jesse Dangerously, Sammus, YTCracker, Richie Branson, Dr. Awkward, Dual Core, Schaffer the Darklord, Beefy, Mikal KHill, Mega Ran, MC Lars, and our own MC Hawking, and then for Dual Core's All The Things!

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