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How I Roll

Yo you better recognize the king of nerdcore,
pumpin' mad beats, spitting fire like Trogdor.
I kick more ass than domokun kills kittens,
dropping rhymes like bombs in the battle of Britain.


I reek more havoc than a mooninite in Boston,
screamin "Danger Danger" like the robot from Lost In Space,

as I lay waste to the place, 
I destroy and deface, yo turn up the base.


I start every day with a wake and bake,
when it comes to the chronic make no mistake,
I partake, hell I toke till I ache,
I smoke more weed than michigan got lakes.


Like the quad laser, jumping is useless,
the Hawkman is ruthless, bang pow your toothless.
I'm badder than a movie by Uwe Boll,
cold as Anna Nichole, 'cause that's how I roll.


How I roll, roll, roll, roll, roll.
How I roll, roll, roll, roll, thats,
How I roll, roll, roll, roll, roll.
How I roll, roll, roll, roll, thats,


How I roll with the punches playin hunches like a gambla,
illin and chillin I'm sick like NAMBLA,
I'm always strapped, got a gat in my lap,
to pop a cap in the gap of your mother fucking ass flap.


I got more lawyers than the ACLU,
my possee has a possee and their possee has a crew,
got my own observatory with a platnum plated tellascope,
yo I know it's hella dope, I got more dukets than the pope.


Bling? Shit, I gold plate everything,
my mother fucking dog got a gold plated cock ring.
Diamond studded claws, on all four paws,
and a platnum bar, as a chew toy to gnaw.


Dollar for dollar, pound for pound,
money money money makes the world go round.
Like Evil Dead 2, I'll swallow your soul,
like a fucking black hole, cuz that's how I roll.