This is a sad day.


We have lost one of the greatest minds humanity has ever known.


And while that truth cannot be ignored, we should also temper it with the reality of all the great man accomplished. Given two years to live in 1963 he spent the next five and a half decades revolutionizing astrophysics, bringing a love of science to the masses, and living a full and rewarding life.


It is the greatest honor in my life that I was given the opportunity to meet and perform for Professor Hawking. Through trials and hardships I cannot imagine he managed to nourish an impish sense of humor and a perpetual love of life.


I cannot claim to have known him well, but in as much as I knew him at all I think I can fairly say that he would not want us to be sad at this time. So, while we should mourn his passing, we must also celebrate his life. A remarkable life that defied all odds and meant so much to so many.


Goodbye Stephen.


-Ken Lawrence

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