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Oh yeah, MC Hawking and DJ Doomsday,
kicking it with the hardcore beat,
to get you out your seat.
We be laying this down for PC Gamer in 2002. 

GTA3's like the Sims to me,
a real life simulator 'cause that's where I be,
on the street, packing heat, car jacking, head cracking,
taking duckets from the pockets of the bourgeoisie.
In Liberty City, it's easy to score.
no one in this city locks their car door.
So I'm jacking every cheetah that I happen to see,
not looking like a dot, I'm kicking it 3D.

Then just to mix it up I jack an Esperanto,
uzi out the window spraying the spank ho's.
police take notice so I hit the gas,
and hit the Pay'n'Spray to get the cops off my ass.
Yeah, Liberty City, it's my virtual home,
you dis the LC, I'll drop a nine in your dome.
I got the PE pumping on the MP3,
Yo it's G to the T to the A to the 3.

Yo Doomsday, you ever notice how the old ladies in this town,
never hesitate to throw down?
You knock one of them down they get right up again.
Those are some hardcore grandma's!

Sometimes I sit in my car and just listen to Laslo,
rock the chatterbox with the serious flow.
Then I gotta get getting while the getting's still good,
so I take a quick spin to 8-Balls in Harwood.
The car don't make it on account of mafiosos,
hood in flames, I'm hoofing past the po-po.
Sure it's so slow, still it appeals to Hawking,
LC be the only place where I be walking.

Taxi cab missions, got old fast,
if I want Crazy Taxi I'll dust-off my DreamCast.
I'm all about crime all the motherlovin time,
only pausing from my mayhem to bust a dope rhyme.
Driving scary like a crazed Hally Berry,
got a job to do and no time to tarry,
I got the PE pumping on the MP3,
Yo it's G to the T to the A to the 3.
Oh yeah, that's right gta3.
It's about time somebody made a videogame out of my life.
Yo doom take us out of here.