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Crazy As F@#k

Yo, this one goes out to all you punk bitches,

who think the Hawkman is soft just because I'm wicked smart.
Listen up, I got something to say.

Straight out of Oxford a crazy motherfucker named Hawking.
When I be rocking the mic you be gawking,
at me 'cause I'm a bad mama-jamma,
you wanna lock me up put my ass in the slamma.
But fuck that shit 'cause no jail can hold me,
you can't even catch me, much less control me.
So if you see me coming you better duck,
'cause Stephen Hawking is crazy as fuck.

2000 is the number another summer,
sound of the funky drummer.
Stephen Hawking would like to say,
that I'm a crazy motherfucker from around the way.
Kicking science like no one else can,
my dick is twice as long as my attention span.
So if you cross me bitch you're out of luck,
'cause Stephen Hawking is crazy as fuck.

Uh yeah! Make it funky now!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go Doomsday! It's your birthday!
Yo! Break it down!

Aah ya, that's right. I'm fuckin' nutty.
I'd just as soon bust a cap in your ass as look at you.
I'm like Ed Begley Jr. at a motherfucking oil spill.
The gate is down and the lights are flashing but there ain't no train coming.
Yo, I aint through yet. Kick that shit back in.

Once again back in the motherfucking ring,
The H to the A to the W-King.
When I roll I roll it heavy and I roll it phat,
packing bitches in the Chevy and a clip in my gatt.
Yo, I told you twice already, I wont tell you again,
the mighty Stephen Hawking is fuckin' insane.
So if you see me coming, bitch you better duck,
'cause Stephen Hawking is crazy as fuck.