Reaction to Dr. Hawking's announcement was that of cautious excitement. "This turns the entire field of Hip-Hop Physics on its ear", said Professor Griff. "Hammer Time has always been a constant. If the Hawkman's research is accurate, it brings into question the entire funk quotient."

Hammer Time was first theorized by Dr. Funkenstein in the early 1960's, and later became the basis for all of his ground-breaking/booty-shaking work in Quantum Groove Theory throughout that decade and the next.

"Yo baby, this changes everything," Dr. Funkenstein said when reached for comment. "If Hammer Time is relative, then the entire field of Booty Dynamics needs to be reworked from the ground up. It is an exciting time to be a physicist of funk baby!"

Stephen "MC" Hawking Stuns Scientific Community 

By Gail Norman

The world of hip-hop physics was rocked by a stunning announcement made by one of its own preeminent members, Dr. Stephen "MC" Hawking.

"After years of study and research, I have finally been able to prove that Hammer Time, long accepted as a universal constant, is in fact relative." Hawking told an attentive crowd at a press conference attended by some of the most prestigious members of the hip-hop physics