Rolling Stone Review Of E=mc hawking

by Kurt Delaney



The careening power so abundant on his first two albums hasn't been diluted – it's been given focus and substance. The albums backing tracks reflect a similar transformation. DJ Doomsday has always had a masterful sense of how to construct dense, insistent accompaniment to Hawking's roar. Doomsday still brings the noise, but the noise is more varied – there's even a move toward melody. MC Hawking, for his part, has never sounded better; he speeds through a track like All My Shootin's be Drive-bys sounding like he might lose control at any moment while still articulating the labyrinthine internal rhymes perfectly.


MC Hawking is looking to the future, not with apocalyptic despair but with fiery eyes fixed firmly on the prize. His determination and realism, his devotion to science and booty shaking, make E=mc Hawking a welcome, bracing triumph.

It's been almost five years since MC Hawking first burst onto the stage of hardcore rap with his self-produced EP, The Hawkman Cometh . In all that time MC Hawking has never aimed for anything less than a comprehensive overview of contemporary scientific thought, expressed through the medium of gangsta rap. Now, with his most recent release, E=mc Hawking , he has nearly attained this ambitious goal with stunning maturity and sophistication.


The album opens with a lengthy, and rather dry, 23 minute lecture on Gravitational Entropy, Quantum Cosmology and the Anthropic Principle. After this tedious intro however, Hawking hits the ground slamming with F*ck the Creationists , an unflinching call to arms that steamrolls over a pounding drum groove.